Challenges in Bangladesh

Education and Other Challenges in Bangladesh

LSBF Charity works with Bangladeshi people who gain little or nothing from the social and economic growth in Bangladesh, these citizens are also the worst effected by environmental changes across the country. Bangladesh has a high percentage of extremely poor or marginalised families, widows, adolescents and children in mostly rural communities.

This has created a migration away from the traditional farming and agriculture of rural communities with families moving into the cities in search of work. The work opportunities in the cities are greater, however the infrastructure isn’t able to cope and this has lead to sub standard housing, malnutrition, poor sanitation and a lack of education. Low standard slum accommodation is not free so often the children in the family are forced into work as a way of making ends meet. This means they are often excluded from education and as such the cycle of poverty for these families continues.

By focusing on poor rural communities LSBF is helping to lessen the need for migration by improving opportunities within these communities by way of providing education and introducing cottage industry to supplement the dwindling income from agriculture. We have developed a long standing relationship with the educational NGO Nigera Shikhi who provide the overall educational management to ensure compatibility with the Bangladeshi mainstream curriculum, whilst also providing LSBF with the analytics data required for proper governance. This is backed up by regular inspections by trusted individuals in Bangladesh as well as the trustees of LSBF. All of the trips to Bangladesh made by the trustees are self funded and not paid for by your donations.