Fighting Poverty Through Education

About Little Steps Big futures

Little Steps Big Futures works with poor communities to help lift families out of poverty through education and the opportunity it brings.

Our aim is to open up opportunities that are only available with the knowledge and skills learned at school. The Children will become literate and numerate which will enable them to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Why Education?

Even basic education in Bangladesh opens up more choices that benefit the whole family by creating opportunities for better employment or even entry into the state funded education system. Families in Bangladesh often struggle to find schooling for their children not only because of the cost involved in sending a child to school but also the time constraints of schooling when the children often work to help provide to the family income.

Having spent time in slum areas across Bangladesh it is clear that parents would like to send their children to school however it’s not always a straight forward process. The state funded education system in Bangladesh is similar to any other in the world, the education is free but uniform, travel and additional learning materials are not. This puts poorer communities at a real disadvantage.