Rajtillah Education Project

About Rajtillah Education Centre

Rajtillah is a rural community that is isolated from mainstream primary education. During our feasibility study of the project we found Rajtillah to have a population of 80 children of school age upto the age of 11 years.

The aim of the project is to achieve 80% numeracy and literacy within 5 school years under the management of educational NGO Nijera Shikhi. All the classes will aim to give pupils the required level of education to enter government state secondary education whenever possible. This is based around the idea that children of secondary school age are capable of covering the distances needed to join government education by a combination of walking, public transport or school buses.

To this end and having consulted with Nijera Shikhi we have decided to create:

  • 2 pre-primary classes, one for the 4 year old children and one for the 5 year old children
  • 2 year one classes, one for the 6 year old children and one for the 7 year old children
  • 1 class for the remaining and smallest group the 8, 9 and 10 year old children

Our initial budget predictions estimate that each child’s education will cost approximately £5 per month. If you would like to learn about sponsoring a child at our Rajtillah Education Centre then Please Click Here…

Land Ownership

LSBF Charity has approached a trusted partner in Bangladesh who has applied to have the land legally leased under his ownership, which was granted without any problem. LSBF Charity will not be able to own the land directly and has therefore signed a deed with the lease holder to ensure continued use of the land. This is a normal situation in Bangladesh and as such we are happy to go ahead with the project.

Although the importance of education is understood by Bangladeshi parents there are social and economical considerations to be taken into account, traditionally the family is a unit with all members contributing to the household income. This means there is a temptation for minors to go into employment at a relatively young age, this can reduce the time available for education as well as the level of education that is achievable. One of the considerations in the feasibility of this project was how to introduce education with the least impact to the family income.

We have considered several ways of dealing with this situation:

  • Building an education centre in the village eliminates traveling time
  • Primary school age children tend not to be working and are therefore available for education
  • Educating primary age children releases mothers for work, such as garment repair and home help
  • Being numerate and literate is a good incentive for families to continue their children’s education
  • By introducing adult education and micro business training extra income can be achieved
  • We have included regular health clinics to create trust with the project and well-being for local families

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