What we do

What Does LSBF Charity Do?

Moulvibazaar Child Sponsorship

We are currently working on different projects, some in a support role as well as building schools in rural locations that have no real access to education as there are no schools in their community or surrounding area.

Building Schools for the community

Building a school in the heart of the community benefits more than just the children. We understand that the children in rural communities are often working as farm labourers and providing income for the the family budget, so class timetables and age segregation needs to be planned accordingly. Though this family situation may seem alien to us in the UK, in Bangladesh this education setup helps to keep the families together in rural and reduces the desire for families to migrate in to the cities where children can be working in dangerous conditions.

Other factors in running a school are the cost of the teaching staff and we also look to implement regular inspections to see that education standards are maintained all of which needs to be paid for.

To provide these essentials we work with trusted educational NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) who take control of the projects on the ground albiet under our overall supervision.

Community Business Support

We also provide extra earning potential for village communities by providing simple tools and resources to create or enhance existing small businesses.

These are items such as foot pedal sewing machines and Bee hives for honey production. These items may appear relatively cheap by our standards but are beyond the means of poor and rural families in Bangladesh. By providing these simple tools the village community can not only sell items in the more affluent towns but also trade with other communities in the area.

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