Charity Ethos


When choosing a project to support, we encourage the local people to tell us what their needs are and what they think will make the biggest difference to helping them raise themselves out of poverty.

We then use our skills to suggest and guide a project that is acceptable to their community and also based on our experience of other successful projects. Reviews are built in at key stages to check that it is still suitable for their needs and adjustments are made to make projects a success.

Raising Finance

We then raise the finance by fund-raising from donations and ensure that monies raised are used for the projects as intended by those of you that have donated.

We fund the running costs of the charity from specific donations that have been given for that purpose. This is usually done through business sponsors who provide us with donations, services or who give time to help plan, run or sponsor fundraising events.

Any money that you give either as a donation or under the sponsorship scheme will go directly to projects in Bangladesh.

Sponsoring a Child’s Education

Sponsoring a child will include a share of the costs of materials and equipment used to educate the chosen child and also a share of the teacher’s salary. We calculate the overall cost of running a class for either 15 or 20 children and split that cost between each child.

Without the materials and teacher’s salary, the child would not be able to be educated. Of the £10 per month you donate we can guarantee that the whole £10* goes to Bangladesh to support the child or class that you have chosen.

* Some donations may be subject to bank transfer charges