Coast 2 Coast Cycle October 2019

Debbie Hall and Mike Wheeler will taking part in a Coast 2 Coast cycle across the widest part of the UK during the week of the 14th October 2019. The route takes them from St Davids in Wales over to Lowestoft in Suffolf on the east coast. The money raised will be used provide continued education in our Rajtillah School.

Please donate today Here or at Debbie’s Just Giving Page

Many people living in the rural areas of Bangladesh migrate to the cities to seek work in order to earn a living to provide for their families. This means that many families end up living in slums without access to clean water and sanitation and the children do not have access to schooling.

Our charity focuses on working in the rural areas to provide education to the children and their parents, access to health care as well as training and support to set up their own businesses to provide themselves with an income to support their families in the villages.

Any money that is raised for our charity goes directly to our projects as all the people who work in our charity are volunteers. We have three Trustees/Directors who utilise their business skills to ensure that we operate efficiently and keep good governance of our projects.

Please donate today Here or at Debbie’s Just Giving Page