Charity Trustees


This charity was founded and is managed by three Trustees who previously met whilst working as volunteers on other charity and community projects.

Debbie and Mike met whilst working for a registered charity, Cementing Futures, which is an educational charity supporting under-privileged children. Mike and Debbie have travelled to Bangladesh together twice on charity business. Debbie and Mo met whilst working together on a committee for ‘Unity in Vision’, a multicultural group based in Bournemouth. Mo then joined Cementing Futures as he was impressed with the work that was being done within Cementing Futures and admired the way in which Debbie chaired Unity in Vision and dealt with the meetings.

Debbie, Mike and Mo have decided to set up a separate charity with a different goal in mind. Whilst Cementing Futures continues to work with underpriveledged families in Dhaka, the aim of Little Steps Big Futures is to bring education and business oportunities to the more rural areas of Bangladesh, thus helping to slow the migration of uneducated and unskilled families to the slum areas of the big cities. In Bangladesh just having basic numerousy and literary skills gives workers the chance to earn a wage above the poverty line.

Debbie, Mike and Mo each run their own businesses and wish to streamline the decision making processes whilst ensuring proper governance of the charity. The aim is that each project will be well thought out, researched and sustainable thus ensuring that money raised will be used as effectively and as quickly as possible to support the projects in Bangladesh.